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BeService: Empathy often leads to greater understanding of self, along with care for others. By working together to serve others, our girls learn and develop skills, teach their own skills to others, gain experience, meet new people, improve health and build self-esteem and self-confidence. Past activities include packing meals for senior citizens and sorting donations at the local Food Bank.

BeYond: Woman are capable of anything! Some career paths today (education, law, medicine, finance) were once full of obstacles for women. Together, we explore all career paths from STEM to the military, as our girls strive to break down barriers in those fields. By highlighting, the different structures and responsibilities associated with each career path, the girls begin to consider their own role and future. In addition to various positions, we highlight young entrepreneurs and empower the girls to develop their own small businesses. Through job shadowing, internships and mentoring, the girls begin preparing for their future as global leaders in all industries. Past activities include creating “BeYond” boards that serve as constant reminders of the world of possibilities and opportunities available to them and attending a ‘Women in Science’ lecture.

BeCulture: Cultural awareness is necessary for success and a pillar of 21st Century Learning and character development. By engaging with distinct cultures, we begin to discover the tradition and history of others and unearth similarities that span time and borders. Beyond simple study sessions, we immerse ourselves in those cultures and their traditions, building empathy through experience. Past activities include learning a cultural dance, exploring foods from a selected region of the world, and participating in local cultural events.

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