BePolished Contract For Participation

By submitting this form, I agree to make a commitment to participate in the BePolished program. My parent/guardian and I acknowledge that this is an exciting opportunity to become a part of a special group that will promote financial literacy, career development, and innovative thinking. Building trust among the other group members and staff is an important element of the Bepolished experience. Thus, it is expected that I will attend every session. I am also aware that three (3) unexcused absences or any inappropriate behavior(s) are grounds for dismissal from BePolished.


I hereby give permission for the participant listed above to take part in BePolished group sessions and activities, which may include off-site events, academic assistance, or recreational programs. If a medical emergency arises, program staff will take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of your child, and will call, if necessary, a public emergency vehicle for transport to an emergency facility. I understand that I will be responsible for any transportation charges and medical expenses incurred. I agree that if a health condition exists now or in the future which would impact the participation of the girl listed above, I will contact the BePolished staff.

I give my consent to BePolished, to take photographs of my child and to use other recording methods during program activities for educational and public relations purposes. I further give my consent to BePolished to access my daughter’s student records for the purpose of providing educational support and assistance. In addition, I understand that BePolished will maintain participant records including attendance in all BePolished activities, demonstrated achievement in becoming a BePolished girl, and other personal accomplishments that are identified by the girls and/or BePolished staff members. This information will be shared with each BePolished girl and her parent/guardian in support of her personal growth and development. This information will also be used to evaluate the impact of the program on the personal growth and achievement of all participants in the BePolished program and to obtain continued funding for BePolished. This information will also be used in formal evaluation reports and other publications about the BePolished program and its work with girls. I understand that the identity of all BePolished participants will be kept strictly confidential on all research reports.

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By signing this form you are agreeing to the terms of the contract. Signed upon submission to BePolished.

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